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About the Test

Aboout the Test

"The Theory Test" incorporating the HAZARD PERCEPTION TEST

This must be completed before the driving test. It consists of 50 multiple choice questions of which you must get 43 correct to pass, during a 57 minute period. The Hazard Perception Test follows immediately at the same sitting after an optional 3 minute break.

"The Hazard Perception Test" (HPT)

The "HPT" consists of a series of short video clips showing different road conditions with various hazards. Each clip will show one or more hazards developing that would result in the driver taking action, such as a change in speed or direction, to which you must react by clicking the mouse. The test has 14 video clips containing 15 score-able hazards, the sooner you react the higher the score on a ratio of 1-5. Out of a maximum score of 75 you must score 44 to pass.

The tests are conducted on easy to use touch screen computers with a tutorial and practice sessions before starting your test. Your result will be available the same day once you have completed both parts of the theory test.

Your instructor will advise you on study materials required and will use mock test papers and other study aids to help in preparation towards the two-part theory test. When you are ready they will give you the information needed to book the test.

"The Driving Test" incorporating VEHICLE SAFETY CHECKS

Vehicle Safety Checks
At the test centre before the "driving test" commences you will now be required to answer two questions on basic vehicle safety. These questions are asked on a show me/tell me basis relating to fluid levels, lights, steering, brakes and tyres.

The Driving Test

This is a practical test, which lasts for 40 minutes on all types of road, in varying traffic conditions. During the test you will be expected to show the examiner a confident and safe drive, of a good standard, showing knowledge of the Highway Code. You will also be expected to complete one reverse manoeuvre out of the following; turn in the road, reverse round a corner, reverse parking and car-bay parking at applicable test centres. Additionally you may be required to conduct the emergency stop exercise.

10 minutes of the driving test will include independent driving following destination roadsigns or a schematic diagram of a chosen route. Also you are required to show an ability to use eco-safe driving techniques.

Your instructor will keep a progress chart covering all aspects of the DVSA syllabus and level of competency so together you can see when you are ready to apply for "The Driving Test". You will be given worksheets on the Vehicle Safety Checks and undertake several mock tests in order to be well prepared and know what to expect on the day of your test.

Please be advised by your instructor before booking your test as he/she has a thorough knowledge of the standard required by the DVSA and can advise you when and how to apply. Please refer to the DVSA website for current booking charges for the tests.

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